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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy explains what cookies and similar technologies are, how are they used on our site, and how the customers can control their use. A “site” includes the website, applications, services and emails operated by Crypto Capital GmbH (further referred to as the “company”, “we”, “us” or “our”).

For the improvement of functionality of our website this policy may be updated at any time. Any change in the current policy will become effective when we make the revised version available on our website. The “last revised” date at the top of this page corresponds to the date when this Cookie policy has been last updated. Please, inform yourself regularly about the current status of this policy on our website.

If the customers have any questions about the use of cookies on our website, other than those listed below, they can contact us per mail at: Crypto Capital GmbH, 10243 Berlin, Germany, or via e-mail at

1. What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is a small text- or graphic file - typically a transparent, one-pixel tag, located on a web page, in an email or other types of messages, which is stored on the customers’ devices (computer's hard drive, tablets or smartphones) in order to analyze a visited website’s performance and its users’ experience. There are several types of cookies, such as “first-party”, “third-party”, "session" or temporary, or "persistent” Cookies. For further information about the types and purposes of Cookies please visit

2. What Cookies Do We Use?

Our website uses solely the essential “first party” Cookies developed and monitored by Crypto Capital GmbH. The essential Cookies used by our website do not collect the customers’ personal information, which is not subject to the company’s privacy policy.

The Cookies that we use help us to understand whether a customer came to us from a third-party website, to measure the successes of our marketing campaigns, to improve our website performance and to improve our customers’ viewing experience. Our Data Protection Policy applies to and complements this Cookie Policy.

3. What are Essential Cookies?

Essential Cookies enable the customers to navigate our site and to use its services and features to full extend. Without these essential Cookies our website will not perform as smoothly as we would like it to, and the use of its services and features may be impaired.

4. How Do I Manage Cookies?

The customers can choose to accept our cookies or to prevent their storage by changing the corresponding settings on their browsers. Please be aware that disabling the cookies of our website (or keeping them disabled, as set by default by certain browsers), can impair the functionality of our services and features which depend on Cookies.

5. Are Cookies Enabled in my Browser?

Most browsers enable cookies by default, but they also have a configuration screen allowing the users to check what cookies have been stored on their device and/or to delete these cookies. To check whether your browser is configured to allow cookies, please open your browser, press the “settings” key in the menu in one of its top corners (depending on the browser), select “privacy and security” from its advanced settings and manage your cookies there. For more information about enabling or disabling Cookies on commonly used browsers please visit

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