Algorithmic Trading for Investors and Traders

CryptoCapital AI helps to build a portfolio of AI-based trading bots which automate the trading of cryptocurrencies and crypto related derivatives for traders. Easily build and monitor your bot portfolio to achieve higher ROI than HODL.

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Crypto Capital AI

is an algorithm-driven Open Hedge Fund Platform, which applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to crypto currency market. CryptoCapital.AI allows institutional and professional investors, fund managers and traders to create their own Portfolios and Hedge Funds by renting trading bots.

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  • Analyze thousands of Tradings Bots for every possible Market condition
  • Chose which Trading Bots you want and connect them to your Exchange*
  • Have a single overview of all your Trading Accounts and their current Assets
  • Dashboard with Performance overview of your actively running Trading Bots
  • In-depth Charts and Dashboards to analyse the wide offering of available Trading Bots
  • The Architecture of our Trading Bots is based on Deep Learning and Neural Networks to provide [filler] based on most recent research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency Market Economics
  • Connect our platform with your Trading Account via API keys
  • Catered to the all experience levels of investors and traders
  • Security - Your funds stay safe on your Trading Account, without us or any third party having access to them


State of the market

1.5M Daily Active Crypto Traders1

$1 Trillion yearly Trading Volume on BitMEX2

Over 2mn+ Transactions per day of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies3

Trading 24 hours per day 7 days per week

500 Institutional Cryptocurrency Investors4

Best Performing Bots

By total return

How would you benefit?

Crowdsourced knowledge

Machine Learning Algorithms

Tried and tested

Tried and tested trading bots

Full transparency

Full transparency

Crowdsourced knowledge

Ease of setup

Full transparency

Team of data science and trading experts

Tried and tested

Various bot-usage models



  • Max. 1 Bot
  • One filter
  • One coin pare
  • 8 € or 0.002 ₿ / mo

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  • Max. 12 Bots
  • Multiple filters
  • Two coin pares
  • 40 € or 0.01 ₿ / mo

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  • Max. 100 Bots
  • Advanced filters
  • Multiple coin pares
  • 80 € or 0.02 ₿ / mo

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